Exciting News! Conscious Inclusion Company Partners with Safe Haven Dialogues

The whole Safe Haven Dialogues team couldn’t be more elated to be partnering with Conscious Inclusion Company, a woman-owned Limited Liability Company that’s based in California.

Who is Conscious Inclusion Company?

Conscious Inclusion Company is a minority-operated business that is passionate about helping organizations succeed from a business perspective while ensuring that they are being ethical. Their number one goal is to help clients create customized, sustainable solutions using a data-driven approach. They want to help all organizations become more inclusive, diversify from the C-suite down, recruit top talent, raise morale, promote collaboration, and get them ahead of the competition. They offer a wide range of solutions that will help businesses make their workplace more inclusive, which is a business-critical initiative nowadays.

Conscious Inclusion Company is a one-stop resource for every company’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) needs. They offer different services that can be customized to meet – or even exceed – clients’ needs, including organization profiles, brand consulting, Marcom materials, job descriptions review, AI software recommendations, and individual bios to help businesses, especially startups, on “getting it right.”

Changing the world one step at a time

The Conscious Inclusion Company and Safe Haven Dialogues partnership happened at the most opportune time.  As hate crimes in America and around the world become more rampant the collaboration of these two companies will bring about impactful changes; at the micro and macro levels of institutional racial prejudices and biases. The alliance ensures organizations will be better educated and more prepared to face the truths of system racism. Their collaborative efforts aimed to help organizations  promote diversity, reframe problems faced by minority individuals, and provide creative sustainable solutions to company culture will lead to positive changes inside and outside the walls of the workplace.

Today, the workplace. Tomorrow, the world.

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